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work exchange


Approximately 25 hours per week in exchange for accommodation, daily breakfast, discounted food and drinks, free yoga, free transportation to and from town, and use of kitchen + common space in main house. The primary responsibility of the exchange staff is leading group activities (hikes, bonfire, games, movie night, hookah, etc) and interacting with guests. Other tasks include guest check-ins at night, small projects around the property, and possibly helping with any specialized skill that you may have. You must be highly motivated, outgoing, creative, and passionate about the outdoors. Exceptional social skills and customer service are required. Customer experience is our highest priority. 

We are primarily interested in those who, in addition to being especially friendly and having strong social skills, can contribute with art, music, surf lessons, photography, social media, carpentry, electrical work, yoga / physical training, performance, or some other specialized skill.


The staff house has a common kitchen and living area, 4 person dorm, and a shared bathroom (no hot water - you don't need it because its the tropics). The accommodation is rustic but comfortable, you will spend the majority of your time on the rest of the property interacting with guests.

We offer 50% commission for yoga instructors and a 75% commission for massage therapists.

If you've ever dreamed about living / working on the beach for a couple of months with a crew of beautiful, fun people, send us a message! Also check out us out on Facebook and Instagram @palmarbeachlodge


This position is available to for work exchange staff who have already been in the program for 2-4 weeks. It involves all of the same responsibilities as the normal work exchange staff, with an additional management role. The coordinator will be responsible for the staff schedule, training of new staff, responding to staff applications, and finding the future work exchange staff and coordinator. In exchange for the additional responsibility, the coordinator will receive a weekly stipend at the bar and restaurant. 


In addition to the same benefits from the general work exchange staff, these specialized positions share a 50% (75% for massage) commission on any revenue generated from their activity. Depending on the amount of time spent on your particular activity weekly, you may be asked to help out in other areas.


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